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Seniors, Youth and Children have so much to offer to the world – we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come. At INTTH, we are here to give them the support they need in order to shape them into leaders of the future. We have a number of educational programs and leadership initiatives that help them develop the skills they will carry throughout their lives. Partner with us today, and see how you can make an impact! At INTTH, we strive to empower the lives of youth and seniors through our variety of programs. Our Opportunities are designed to provide youngsters with all the tools they need to be great leaders tomorrow. We are happy to be the driving force behind the development of our seniors, youth and children, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives.

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INTTH’s four areas of focus and investment help people to understand and adapt to a world of accelerating change where everyone is called on to be a leader:


Envisions a world where all young and senior people achieve their full potential and shape the future with power and confidence.


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